TPA Services

Golden State Claims Adjusters is an industry leading Third Party Administrator in the professional management, administration and handling of claims in the commercial general liability and surety fields. Our knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated staff will use their experience, specialized knowledge and industry awareness to obtain the best possible results for your program.

We work with program administrators, managing general agents, brokers, underwriters and insurance carrier claim departments to formulate specialized service standards and claim handling guidelines that are suited to the needs of each program we manage.

Golden State’s claim professionals have years of technical experience and industry knowledge allowing them to navigate the challenging regulatory and legal environments our clients face throughout the United States.

Clearly Defined Claims Handling Expectations

  • Timely Contact & Investigation
  • Prompt Coverage Analysis
  • Thorough Liability & Damages Evaluation
  • Accurate & Timely Reserving
  • Proactive and Collaborative Litigation Management
  • Strategic Negotiation & Resolution

Reserving Philosophy

  • Indemnity – Reserve to the most probable outcome. Drawing from the experience of the claims professional and the claims manager, our investigation uncovers the unique fact pattern and specific details of the individual claim. Factoring in our coverage, liability and damage assessment, we are able to project the most probable outcome.
  • Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense (ALAE) – Collaborate with defense counsel and/or experts to determine a realistic budget. Once budget is agreed upon set reserve(s) according to budget.
  • Initial reserve(s) are set as soon as practicable and reevaluated as new information or facts arise.
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Golden State maintains licenses in those states where such license is required. In addition, adjusters are licensed in their state of residence and all states in which they handle files and for which an individual must have a license.

Customized Claims Management System

In an effort to increase productivity, reporting and the accumulation of business intelligence, we have implemented a “Claims Manager” system customized to your program’s specific needs. It’s a web-based system that allows uninterrupted access from both the office and remote locations.

Some features of the “Claims Manager” system include:

  • Accessible via the internet 24/7.
  • Customizable to the individual user’s needs, allowing the individual user the ability to configure and create his/her own efficiencies thus increasing productivity through a user-defined dashboard, data entry screen, workflow rules, inquiries and reports.
  • Reports and forms are easily retrieved, displayed, printed, and e-mailed, and multiple users can simultaneously review the claim and retrieve vital business documents.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook allowing the user to set up reminders for upcoming events and the ability to attach emails and documents to the claim file directly from Outlook.